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Looking at the process of block modelling, volumetrics and sensitivity analysis through the introduction to estimation and numerical modelling in the context of an Oil and Gas Environment.

This webinar and presentation is Part Two of a collaboration between Seequent and Modelling Matters to test the Leapfrog Software capabilities and functionalities in an Oil and Gas environment. We will be looking to utilise a generic training data set from the oil and gas industry and will show the processes of block modelling, volumetrics and sensitivity analysis with an introduction to estimation and numerical modelling, based on the structural and stratigraphic model completed in Part One of this webinar series.

The aim of this webinar and presentation is to highlight the elements of Leapfrog’s current geostatistical functionality found to be beneficial. This includes numerical modelling and property generation for porosity, permeability and water saturation. We will also present a workflow to calculate gross rock volume.

The ability to share knowledge between team members, from the 3D domain and calculations is key, and the features and benefits of Leapfrog’s visualisation tools will also be shown.

This style of model construction could also be analogous for other projects in the Energy space.



Clare Baxter

Paul Champ
Modelling Matters

Elliott Douglas
Modelling Matters


43 min

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