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Given the unfolding situation with regards to COVID-19, as Chief Executive I want to provide an update on our business continuity response.

Our approach to the rapidly evolving situation is to ensure we are appropriately positioned, as a key software and service provider, to continue to support our customers. This includes:

• Remote working available for all staff to work concurrently.
• Support teams ready to help our customers minimise the impact of unforeseen operational disruption.
• Increased support, cloud services, the ability to share remotely, and flexibility of licencing.

We want to emphasise that the welfare of our customers and our staff are top of mind. As such, all events and in-house training sessions are postponed until further notice and we will be increasing our online virtual training.

We are reviewing the company’s response to this ever-changing environment daily. We assure you of our commitment and support during this challenging time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Shaun Maloney
CEO, Seequent