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Modern mining and exploration projects rely on accurate and easily accessible data to be successful. MX Deposit is a next-generation data management solution designed to be a single source of truth for your project, breaking down silos across teams and unlocking the full value of your data.

To illustrate why it’s the best solution on the market, let’s take a look at 10 of our favourite features, all of which help make MX Deposit the ideal drill hole and sample data management tool.

1. Collaboration tools

We know that collaboration is vital to the success of your project so we’ve made it as easy as possible, both internally between team members and externally with stakeholders.

The built-in activity feed enables users to post/upload questions, comments, photos, or files to alert specific people or the entire team about something. And it updates in real time, so you can be sure that your team is always in sync.

A complete digital audit trail is retained so users can quickly review everything that has been done without the need to chase up individual team members.

2. Map view of drillholes and drill points

Individual drillholes and drill points are displayed in a list by default, but MX Deposit can also show them as locations on a map to give users spatial context.

Project boundaries can be imported or created to automatically check that each investigation is within the limits of the project, mitigating human errors such as accidentally swapping the X and Y coordinates.

From the map view, you can also navigate directly to a drillhole’s logging tables and toggle between other drillholes to quickly and easily compare the information.

3. Data transfer made simple

Transferring data to and from other applications can be a time-consuming process but MX Deposit streamlines it with export templates or with a direct integration to Leapfrog.

Export templates can be configured with the required headers, tables, and columns, along with filters and rankings that control exactly what data is exported and how it is formatted.

Instead of setting up a new export each time, users can create templates for individual or shared use to save time and ensure consistency across your team.

MX Deposit also integrates directly with Leapfrog, allowing your data to seamlessly flow between applications without manual exporting and importing. Each time data is saved to the Seequent Cloud from MX Deposit, users will be notified in Leapfrog and models can be rapidly and dynamically updated.

4. Visualise data with strip logs

Strip logs are a great way to visualise data and they’re easier than ever to produce with MX Deposit. They can be created from drillholes or points that have interval tables (like channel or trench samples and logs) and displayed as codes or colours for text data, or line or area charts for numerical data such as RQD or assay results.

A screenshot of lithologies modelled in Seequent's MX Deposit

Strip logs are quick and easy to create and customise in MX Deposit, and the software saves time by always defaulting to the layout of the previously created strip log. You can choose the scale of the strip log and which logging table columns to display and easily export them to share with other users. The strip logs can also be exported as images or PDF documents to give your reports an even more professional finish.

5. Fast data population

MX Deposit is designed for easy, fast, and accurate recording of data. There are several shortcuts that enable this such as drag and fill (similar to Excel), which quickly overwrites or repopulates data. Duplicates can be easily inserted and sample numbers overwritten to retain the correct numbering order.

When you’re using the mobile app, you can use your device’s camera to upload photos directly to a column to highlight zones or areas of interest. If you are using sample bags you can set up the sample ID column to be automatically populated via a QR code captured by your device’s camera.

6. Offline logging

In the modern world, most people are used to being online all the time, but we know MX Deposit users will sometimes be working in areas where there is limited or no internet access, such as remote exploration camps.

So we make data collection as simple as possible wherever you are with the mobile app, which is included with every subscription and automatically and seamlessly syncs to your database. This simplifies the whole process, ensuring you don’t need to use different pieces of software to collect and store your data.

If you’re going to a remote site, the app can be used offline by “checking out” specific drillholes or even just particular tables from a drillhole. This stops other users from adding data in these sections until you have completed your work and synced it to the database.

You can also create new drillholes or drill points in offline mode and they will be automatically uploaded to the database as soon as you have an internet connection. If a new item is created with the same ID as an existing one in the database, MX Deposit will alert the user when the conflict is detected, avoiding duplicate data and ensuring that existing data is never overwritten.

7. Cloud hosting

Seequent designed MX Deposit as a cloud application — cloud integration isn’t an afterthought or an add-on. This means you can take full advantage of the latest computing technology and eliminates the need for you to invest in and maintain any infrastructure. Thanks to our flexible cloud platform, you’ll never have performance issues as it auto-scales computing power to meet the demands of users. Data storage is unlimited, so you can focus on your work rather than worrying about archiving projects off to separate databases, where data is more difficult to access and search.

We also understand how important information security is, especially when using a cloud platform. So to ensure your data is always safe, we have a dedicated ISO 27001-certified team that always keeps up with the latest trends in cybersecurity.

8. Quality assurance and control

Tired of setting up blank or filled-out control charts and duplicate scatterplots in Excel?

MX Deposit automatically generates these QAQC charts for you with built-in metadata and options to filter by date ranges or financial periods.

A screenshot of a duplicate scatterplot report in Seequent's MX Deposit software

CRM charts can be created based on grade and filtered by a range of options such as project, activity, lab service code, or analyte. It’s also possible to normalise CRM data using Z-scores to visualise and compare multiple CRMs on a single control chart.

Duplicate scatterplots can be created by plotting the original sample result against the duplicate sample result to determine outliers that could indicate sample mix-ups, nugget effects, or other issues.

It is also possible to monitor contamination in the sample analysis process — MX Deposit will plot blanks against the control limits with the click of a button.

All QAQC charts can be easily exported as a PDF or image for reporting, or the raw data can be exported as a CSV file.

9. Software as a Service (SaaS)

As MX Deposit is a SaaS product there is no significant investment required to get started. Rather than buying software outright, you simply pay a subscription fee for each user and there are no extra costs for ongoing support or maintenance.

Other than the mobile app there is no software installation needed, as MX Deposit can be accessed via any standard web browser, making it easily compatible with all devices.

New features and functionality are added automatically via the cloud and users don’t need to do anything to start using them. This means you don’t need to worry about different versions being used across your organisation and there is no added workload for your IT staff when it comes to keeping software updated.

10. Permissions control

Access within MX Deposit is completely customisable and can adjust easily to your needs. Permissions can be assigned by project or activities within a project and/or by module. For instance, some users may only have access to drillholes and not the reporting or QAQC modules.

This flexibility allows you to configure your database such that, wherever users are located, they can only see the projects they are assigned to. If you’re working on a joint venture you can easily share relevant data with those who need it without giving complete access to other organisations.

It is also possible to set up groups to allow different users to access different logging tables within a single drillhole so they can all work on it offline at the same time. For example, a geologist could be logging the lithology and alteration tables while a field technician is populating the sampling, mag. sus., and RQD tables.

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