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Leapfrog Geothermal 2021.1 sees major enhancements to the Leapfrog engine – building upon previous releases to deliver powerful new features and functionality.

Ready to discover what’s new? Watch our new release webinar highlighting:

  • 2D and 3D SEG-Y Import: You can now import 3D SEG-Y data, 2D planar or crooked SEG-Y data into Leapfrog to guide interpretation and help you visualise this data in the context of your geological model.
  • Multiple well data sets: The most major improvement to Leapfrog data management is here. You can now have multiple well data sets in your project.
  • Cross section improvements: You can now visualise point data as well as the structural data and polylines on cross sections.
  • Calculations on point tables: Calculations are now available for Point tables, including LAS files.

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Presented by Oliver Ward, Customer Solutions Specialist at Seequent (23:02)

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