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Written by James Lawton, Chief Technology Officer, Seequent

In our current climate, connecting and collaborating as a team has never been more important. Everyone is trying to overcome the challenge of continuing to work seamlessly while we are geographically divided.

As a geoscience community, we are facing new and more complex challenges every day – including the impact human activity continues to have on our environment. This demands our collective responsibility as we protect our limited resources by ensuring we work to a higher and ever more sustainable level.

When taking a step back to determine what our community needs, we can see three things:

  • You need easy access to data in order to make the most of all the information you have available, quickly
  • You need to work seamlessly across your workflow and the many different solutions which you use
  • You need customizable solutions – unique challenges equal unique solutions. One-size-fits-all is no longer relevant

These aren’t new challenges, but they been exacerbated by the unprecedented events surrounding us right now, and they won’t be solved on their own.

Introducing Seequent Evo

This experience has pushed us forward as a business and driven us further in our determination to provide you with even more connected solutions in an environment where you can work seamlessly across multiple workflows, solving problems in the moment.

For the past two years, we have been developing the building blocks for Seequent Evo – an ecosystem to allow geo-professionals to work more efficiently, in a truly connected environment.

Seequent Evo encompasses our existing and future desktop applications, cloud applications, APIs, and micro-services. These are all underpinned by our ‘Seequent Engine’ which includes things like Seequent ID, billing, and storage. Seequent Evo will enable seamless connections across Seequent solutions, as well other world-leading geoscience and engineering solutions and services.

It is not a single platform or solution in itself – it is an evolving ecosystem.

It sounds like a lofty goal but it’s important we make our intentions clear so you can come on this journey with us.

Some of the key foundations of Seequent Evo were released as part of our product updates in November 2020. For instance, you will notice our Leapfrog product suite looks different, with a significant improvement in processing speed – that’s because it’s on a whole new code base. You will also see our latest Seequent Evo micro-capability – Web Visualisation – enabled alongside Seequent Central, which bridges the gap between modellers and stakeholders. All of this research and development is getting us closer to our goal. We’re investing heavily in strong foundations to solve challenges now and into the future.

This is just the beginning.

A customizable ecosystem

We know you already have your preferred solutions and workflows. The challenge is to make everything fit together, data to flow, and collaboration to happen organically. Which is where Seequent Evo comes in.

Seequent Evo is a new way of thinking, beyond the age-old conversations of Desktop vs. Cloud. The two are now so intertwined it is more accurately described as one building off the other (and it’s open to interpretation on which is which). All of this interconnection is powered by the Seequent Engine, which in turn is powered by Seequent ID, allowing you to access what’s important to you, whoever or wherever you are.

Seequent Evo means you can adapt and customise your workflows and work with everyone you need to, collaborate internally and externally, be more efficient, scale and do things you wouldn’t think you could do before. Seequent Evo means that,as a geoscience community, we stay future focused and we are more equipped to face the unforeseen challenges which come next.

When will Seequent Evo be available?

It’s already here.

You might even use elements of it yourself – such as Notifications, Web Visualisation and Seequent’s Data Room available bundled as Seequent Central. These are already built as standalone capability, enabled through the Cloud. If you’re using Seequent ID, then you’re using a foundational element of Seequent Evo.

As Seequent Evo evolves, it will enable more functionality and the connections you need across world-leading geoscience and engineering solutions.

This is just the beginning. Get ready to evolve how you work.

Find out more about Seequent Evo here.