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How many different geoscience tools do you use?

No doubt they’re all crucial to your work and you wouldn’t be productive without them. But how well do they talk to each other? The more tools and platforms you work with, the harder it becomes to transfer data between and get the most out of them. That’s why we’ve developed Seequent Evo, an ecosystem to help you to maximise your efficiency, productivity, and innovation. But what is it exactly?

What is Seequent Evo?

Seequent Evo Seequent Evo is a cloud-based ecosystem which enables industries to collaborate and manage geoscience data in a single space.

Seequent Evo will bring teams together through a unified data platform, with collaborative workspaces and secure, efficient data storage and hosting.

It provides the foundation for connected workflows between Seequent and third-party applications (including customer’s own solutions). It’s more than a platform or tool in itself, it’s an entire ecosystem which allows you to work more efficiently and effectively with all Seequent and partner solutions.

So what does that mean, practically?

It means simple, often automated, connections between desktop and cloud solutions thanks to integrations (powered by APIs behind the scenes). It means an end to time consuming data import/exports.

Once your data is in the Seequent Evo ecosystem, it can easily be shared with any other solution within the ecosystem. Ultimately it means greater efficiencies across your workflow.

And it’s a constantly evolving ecosystem.

As new solutions become available, more connections and automated workflows will become available too. The ecosystem will continue to evolve, and so will your workflow.

The Seequent Evo ecosystem

In order to evolve effectively, the Seequent Evo ecosystem will always be open and accessible. Our APIs are accessible on the Seequent Developer Portal for anyone to explore so that the entire geoscience community can realise the benefits.

Our aim is to enable seamless workflows, and reusable components which enhance user experience and facilitate collaboration. The ecosystem will allow you to get the most value from your data and easily share its insights with those who need it.

We know how important data security is. Reliable data is key to unlocking the Earth’s hidden secrets and it’s vital its integrity is never compromised. That’s why Seequent Evo delivers high performance data access on a security-compliant Microsoft Azure hosted platform.

Collaboration is key

The most important aspect of Seequent Evo is that it brings together a community of likeminded professionals striving for a better tomorrow.

With the huge geoscience challenges facing humanity, there’s no time to waste. Greater efficiencies in time, mean more time spent on solving these challenges.

We know there’s great power in collaboration to solve big problems. That’s why we want to enhance collaboration and facilitate new relationships and connections. It’s the best way to tackle the greatest challenges life on Earth faces.

It’s bigger than Seequent alone. Not only does Seequent Evo enable seamless connections across Seequent solutions, but it will also connect to other world-leading geoscience and engineering solutions and services through our Technology Partner Program.

Seequent Evo for everyone

Not only will Seequent Evo evolve over time, it will also look different for everyone.

For some, the connected and automated workflows it enables will be the key to their success. Others may wish to get deep in the APIs and create their own solutions to meet their own requirements. The key is, the ecosystem is designed to be customisable to your individual requirements, but can also be used in a templated way.

Think of it like Lego. You can get a big box of different shapes and sizes and build whatever you need from them. Your imagination is the only limit.

Alternatively, you can buy a set with the exact pieces and instructions for building what you want, or even access one of our composed solutions to take advantage of Seequent Evo capabilities, without delving into the back-end services and APIs.

With Seequent Evo, all these options are available. It’s designed to fit any skillset and requirement.

The future of technology for the subsurface

Climate change, water shortages, resource scarcity, population growth. Whichever of these areas you’re focused on, you know that geoscience data is crucial to finding solutions.

Seequent Evo isn’t just for geoscientists and engineers. It can be used by data scientists, IT managers, developers, and stakeholders – and even other software vendors. Whether you want to connect solutions and automate tasks, or create your own integrations to bring your tool to a wider user base, Seequent Evo is for you.

You can get involved

Seequent Evo is being developed together, with our industry. This includes you.

If you want to find out more about how to get the most from the ecosystem to better solve your geoscience challenges, get in touch.

If you know of a solution that would add value to the ecosystem, let us know.

Read more about Seequent Evo, or contact us today and we’ll show you how Seequent Evo will change the world of technology for the subsurface.