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MX Deposit release notes

MX Deposit release notes April 2023

The latest release of MX Deposit delivers greater flexibility with calculated fields, a configuration workflow enabling your organisation to customise your drilling data model right within your subscription.  

Calculated fields let you create new columns from custom formulas that are based on other data within the same table, meaning you can easily derive secondary and tertiary data using an extensive toolbox of calculation functions.  

The formula editor offers easy drag-and-drop functionality with various functions available, including basic operators, string, conditional, and aggregate, just to name a few! 

Built-in validation means the system constantly reviews formulas from a syntax and data type perspective to ensure the formulas you create are valid and provide accurate outputs, giving you peace of mind that your data will be reliable.  

A screenshot of a conditional formula expression for RQD and Recovery Length in Seequent's MX Deposit, from a dropdown menu listing From, Recovery %, Recovery Length, RQD %, and RQD Again column options

What’s new in MX Deposit?

The following key changes and enhancements are included in the April 2023 MX Deposit update and are available now.

  1. Calculated Fields 
A screenshot of Seequent's MX Deposit on the Edit Formula Screen. The Formula Expression {RQD Length}/(To}-{From})*100 is displayed, with columns and functions on the right. Under columns you can search input columns, and test RQD Cals From, To, Recovery Length, RQD Length, Recovery %, RQD %, RQD Again, validation, and conditional available


MX Deposit now includes a configuration workflow for creating new columns from custom formulas based on other data in the same table.  

Increased Flexibility

Calculated fields allow an organization to customize their drilling data model right within their subscription to better fit with data, processes and models.  Calculated fields enable organizations to easily derive secondary and tertiary data using an extensive toolbox of calculation functions. 



A digital composite hero banner showing a laptop with Seequen't MX Deposit open, as well as the MX deposit logo, the words "new release" and the company name "Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company"

IMPORTANT: If MX Deposit is already installed on your device, you MUST follow steps 1 and 2. If MX Deposit is not installed on your device, start at step 3. If you require assistance, please contact us.

  1. You must first unassign ALL drill hole and point objects that are currently out on the Android device for ALL users that use the device. Failing to do so can result in data loss for any data that has yet to be synchronized with the MX Deposit web application. This step requires a stable internet connection and careful due diligence to ensure all data has been successfully synchronized and moved from the device for all users. This must be done before moving to the next step.
  2. Remove the existing Android application from the device. Follow the normal steps taken to remove an application from an Android device.
  3. Open the Google Play or Amazon App Store, search for MX Deposit and then click Install
  4. Open the MX Deposit app and sign in with your Seequent ID


*Amazon App Store is currently only available in 30 countries. No timeframe has been given for support in further countries; the MX Deposit team will follow any developments closely and notify customers when more become available. A list of currently supported jurisdictions can be found here:

**Screen sizes below 7” are not supported.