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Workbench PDF Creator

The PDF Creator lets the user create their own PDF templates. PDF reports and is included in Workbench Essentials.

PDF Template Creator

The Template Creator gives the user complete control of making their own PDF template that fits their project results and branding.

Key features

  • Create a PDF template from scratch or modify existing ones.
  • Add various elements like GIS maps, sections, frames, text boxes, colour scales, images/logos, map scale, legend, and north arrow.
  • Define the paper size and adjust element placement using simple keyboard commands.

Read our wiki page on the Template Creator

PDF Report Creator

The Report Creator uses a template to add user-defined sections, maps, colour scales, text, etc. to create high-resolution PDFs.

Key features

  • Directly linked to the Workbench GIS, sections, colour scales, and layer manager.
  • Customize scale, axes, and vertical exaggeration on sections.
  • Colour scales are added automatically.
  • Rotate, add axes, and grid to the map element.
  • Set the map centre from the Workbench GIS interface.
  • Toggle layers on/off in the map element using the layer manager.
  • Copy the existing page to easily create the next page.
  • Save, edit, and print high-resolution PDFs.

Read our wiki page on the PDF Creator

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