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Workbench 3D Viewer

3D Viewer is a comprehensive tool for 3D visualization of data, models, boreholes, maps, and more, included in Workbench Essentials.

Key features

  • Display inversion models in 2D and 3D
  • Create 2D and 3D grids of inversion results and display 2D sections and 3D volumes.
  • Display borehole lithologies.
  • Integrate background GIS maps.
  • Edit colour scale, add transparency, and manage DOI settings.
  • Thresholding of 3D volumes.
  • Cut volumes into sections or subvolumes for unique presentations.
  • Step through 3D volumes in slices or subvolumes.
  • Synchronized with the Workbench GIS platform.

Read our wiki page on the Workbench 3D Viewer

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