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This video looks at how First Majestic improved connectivity between their mine site and corporate office using Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Edge and Central.

Central allows us to publish our resource estimates and all of those models are available immediately to everyone, from management all the way back to the working mine geologist.


3 min

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Video Transcript

(light dramatic music)

<v ->First Majestic Silver is a Canadian company</v>

focused on extracting and producing silver in Mexico.

First Majestic produced in excess of 15 million ounces

of silver equivalent per year.

First Majestic has six operating mines

because we have settings in different places.

Connectivity’s an issue,

and the way we interface between them mine site personnel

and the corporate personnel.

<v ->Obviously with a company like First Majestic,</v>

we have a lot of users on a lot of different areas,

and their focus is very different.

(light dramatic music)

Leapfrog Geo is critical to develop a realistic presentation

of the geology at each site.

<v ->We use Leapfrog Geo both onsite</v>

and at the corporate office here.

What we’re working with is complex silver deposits.

We have multiple veins.

<v ->We are creating the first interpretation</v>

for one of our veins.

Leapfrog Geo’s help us a lot to save some time

because it’s so easy and so quick.

We can do too many things just with a right click.

(light dramatic music)

<v ->We’ve produced all of our resources in February.</v>

I’m using the combination of Leapfrog Geo

and Leapfrog Edge.

We realized it would help us effectively capture

multiple resources across multiple mines

in a time effective manner.

The dynamic nature of Leapfrog Geo with Edge is of course,

an incredibly interesting concept.

If you reload a new drill hole set,

the minute you adopt those into your geologic model,

that flows through

and dynamically updates your established resource estimate.

(light dramatic music)

<v ->Implementation of Central has helped connect us a lot more</v>

than we were previously.

So it is definitely a driver for collaboration

and further connection within all of our mine sites.

<v ->So Central allows us to publish our models,</v>

publish our resource estimates,

and all those models are immediately available to everyone.

From management all the way back

to the working mine geologists.

<v ->I really liked the way</v>

how we can work together with other people

and they can see the interpretations in the real time.

<v ->Central is helping us</v>

to really reevaluate our company culture.

<v ->I can’t see that we could go back to not using Central.</v>

We would lose a tremendous amount of time and capability.

<v ->I think in First Majestic,</v>

we are in the right track

to implement the best industry practices

in resource modeling.

And the products that we have chosen with Seequent

are allow us to get to that place faster.

(light dramatic music)