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Analysing Geochemical Data in ArcGIS Training CourseThis course will provide you with the fundamental skills to process, visualize and interpret geochemical data within ArcMap.

The Analysing Geochemical Data in ArcGIS course teaches users the fundamental tools for analysing geochemical data in Geochemistry for ArcGIS™.

Participants will use the geochemical data management tools to import and merge sample locations with assay results, perform QA/QC on geochemical data, as well as quickly and easily create several types of analytical graphs and multi-element reports.

The course also covers key surface mapping tools for symbolising point data, creating and displaying gridded data and contours, and creating map layers to visualise element distributions.


1 Day


Working knowledge of ArcMap10

Key Topics

Getting Started with Geochemistry for ArcGIS

  • Overview of Electronic Licensing
  • Understanding the Geochemistry Project Geodatabase

Preparing Data

  • Importing geochemical data
    • Survey locations data
    • Lab analyses (assay results)
  • Defining the coordinate system
  • Merging and verifying data
  • Extracting and comparing standards and duplicates

Visualising Data

  • Creating feature classes
  • Setting default assay colour schemes
  • Creating multiple map layers for each element

Analysing Data

  • Calculating statistics
  • Creating histograms and probability plots
  • Creating scatter plots
  • Creating ternary plots
  • Creating boxplots
  • Creating multi-element reports:
    • Multi-histogram
    • Pearson correlation matrix
    • Multi-scatter
    • Multi-probability

Presenting Data

  • Creating and displaying gridded data
    • Minimum curvature
    • Kriging
  • Creating contours
  • Integrating other data

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