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SEEP/W Fundamentals Training Course

This public, remote learning course will provide you with the fundamental skills to get the most from SEEP/W.


2 x 4hr sessions (run over 2 days = 8 hours)

Maximum Capacity:




Who is it suitable for?

  • New users who would like a solid understanding of the basics before getting started
  • Those who are interested in SEEP/W and would like to try before they buy

What will the course cover?

  • Basic theory and features of SEEP/W
  • Methods of analysis
  • Geometry creation
  • Material properties and boundary conditions
  • Finite element meshing
  • Brief introduction to SEEP3D
  • Convergence
  • Example workflow of multiple SEEP/W analyses, including, but not limited to:
    • Steady-state and transient groundwater flow problems
    • Modeling drains
    • Axisymmetric groundwater flow to pumping well
    • Exit gradients

 What materials will I get from the course?

  • Comprehensive session notes
  • Example files and documentation
  • A certificate of course completion

What will I need?

Upcoming regional training sessions