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Solving geoscience challenges, TOGETHER

Join our growing partner network

Become part of a unique geoscience community that is sharing insights and developing ground-breaking solutions. Together, we can bring customers innovative integrations which will boost their business and yours.

Become a Seequent Technology Partner

is Seequent
and what do we do?

Seequent exists to help our customers make better, more sustainable decisions about their earth, environment and energy challenges.

Together with our partners, we bring clarity to complexity, helping our customers get the most from their data – uniting experts and stakeholders to work closer and more intuitively wherever they are in the world.

We are industry leaders in the software and technology that delivers those insights, by modelling the earth, managing geoscience data and empowering team collaboration.
We believe passionately in the power of connection, and that when we share and work together, we become not just bigger than we are, but greater than the challenges we face. ​
Together we can develop a greater understanding of the global challenges we all face and the solutions that are possible.

a Seequent
Technology Partnership
can do for you

Our partner program ensures ongoing communication and alignment with Seequent, and brings you a set of clear processes and self-service resources to benefit from.

Join our Technology Partner Program and…

Become part of a powerful, open network of interoperability, connectedness
and collaboration – and get a head start
on the future.

Develop your reputation as an agile, flexible, creative company, offering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

Gain access to a unique set of data insights, gathered from industry leaders.

Extend your reach with introductions to new customers and partners, backed by the strength of the Seequent brand.

Work closely with Seequent teams to create smoother workflows and innovative solutions to empower your customers.

become a
Technology Partner

As part of the Seequent Technology Partner Program, you get an unparalleled level of collaboration, flexibility and connectedness, working closely with us and other partners to reach more customers and deliver greater results for them. ​

You become an even stronger part of the equation.

As companions in a
powerful, customer-focused, geoscience network,
we can make 1+1 equals 3. This enables our partners to extend their reach and tap into markets that might previously have eluded them.

Penny SwordsVP Business Development, Mining Data Management Solutions, Seequent

If you share our vision and ambition for a game changing geoscience community

Join the Network

Build solutions for over 15,000 Seequent users or just for your own team.

Build solutions

Key Benefits
Seequent Evo
offers our partners

As part of the Seequent Technology Seequent Evo has moved beyond a platform to become a live, evolving and customizable ecosystem. A network where data flows, allowing collaboration to occur easily and organically.

For the geoscience community, we believe it will enable the collaborative evolution that we all need to address tomorrow’s challenges.

As part of our Technology Partner Program you’ll be ideally placed to share this vision.

You’ll join a thriving community of geoscience excellence and expertise, access a growing customer network, and speed your way to the answers and new possibilities your data holds.


  • Evolve and expand your product offering
  • Accelerate development and bring solutions to market faster


  • Transform how data is used across businesses and industry
  • Find interoperable products and solutions to create a more comprehensive product suite for customers

Growth in sales

  • Build brand awareness and credibility
  • Sell your product and scale your business

Customer Satisfaction

  • Support your customers to connect their worlds through the Cloud
  • Identify partnerships to provide easier access and greater value to customers

Introduction to new markets

  • Identify new channels and markets

Next steps
what to expect

Standard go to market plan


  • ‘Coming soon’ social media post on Seequent LinkedIn​
  • ‘Coming soon’ listing on Seequent the Partner Integrations Marketplace
  • Seequent Technology Partner logo supplied for use on partner website
  • ‘Meet our partner’ demo and introductory video posted on Seequent website

Partnership Announced

  • Social media announcement on Seequent LinkedIn
  • Social media announcement tile for partner to share on social media​​
  • Access to Seequent APIs​
  • Access to self-led learning for developers

Go live

  • Social media launch post on Seequent LinkedIn
  • ‘Powered by Seequent Evo’ badge supplied for use on integration landing page​​
  • Introductory webinar included as part of Seequent Evo series​​
  • Training on product and USPs for Seequent Account Managers​​
  • Pop-up notification on Seequent website to notify users of the availability of the new integration​
  • Listing under Technology Partner on Seequent’s website

Post Launch

  • Inclusion in Seequent events, including webinars​​
  • Co-branded case study opportunities​​
  • Ongoing listing in the marketplace/directory​​
  • Regular updates with our Account Management Team
  • Partners will have the opportunity to develop co-branded sales and marketing opportunities with Seequent based on appetite and desired level of contribution.

A better understanding of the Earth creates a better world for all.