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Em sua busca por ouro, a Maura Kolb e sua equipe valorizam uma abordagem mais rápida e ágil para integrar, gerenciar e compartilhar os seus dados.

O que mais motiva os geólogos de exploração é envolver muitos profissionais e agilizar a próxima descoberta excitante.

“Estamos atentos a qualquer oportunidade que possa estar na subsuperfície.

E começamos a identificar esses alvos quando conseguimos visualizar todas as nossas áreas repletas de dados em um único local e como um modelo em 3D”, comentou Maura Kolb, geóloga e diretora de exploração da Treasury Metals Inc.

. Em qualquer projeto de exploração, a melhor maneira de economizar tempo, reduzir riscos e agilizar o processo de tomada de decisão é com um gerenciamento de dados eficaz. A Maura e a sua equipe usam os avançados recursos de processamento de dados das soluções da Seequent para subsuperfícies.

“Usamos a solução de fluxo de dados, o MX Deposit, com a solução para modelagem em 3D, o Leapfrog Geo, a fim de interpretar, visualizar e compreender melhor a nossa geologia”,

comentou Maura. E com a solução integrada e baseada na nuvem da Seequent, o Central, ela e a equipe podem se conectar rapidamente aos colaboradores a cada etapa do projeto.

“Ser capaz de compartilhar facilmente os nossos modelos em 3D mais recentes é especialmente valioso quando o trabalho em equipe é realizado remotamente ou com pessoas que talvez não sejam geólogos ou especialistas em mineração”, comentou Maura.

A cross-section from the Goliath Lithology Model visualized in Leapfrog Geo, with a plan view inset showing its location.

From drillhole to decision

Treasury Metals is a gold-focused exploration and development company based in Dryden, Ontario and a stone’s throw from the Trans-Canadian highway.

Just as this epic east-to-west coast route beckons explorers, it was an uncharted strike length in the landscape that enticed Maura to join the company.

“When we acquired Goldlund along with our existing Goliath project, we found we had a 65-kilometre stretch of property with only three of those truly explored for mineralisation,”

says Maura. “As well as our full pipeline of early stage to resource development projects, I saw this as a real opportunity for exploration growth,” she says.

Here, gold-rich deposits can be found in the metamorphosed Archean stratigraphy – some of the planet’s oldest rocks.

Over billions of years, deep within the earth’s crust, hot mineral-bearing fluids flowed through fractures and weak spots, transporting the precious metal to new locations.

“Pressure exerted each time the crust moves causes variations in mineralisation styles and veining as well as different concentrations of gold,” says Maura.

“We are learning more about these deposits by capturing rock alterations with drill data and swiftly processing it in MX Deposit to be able to better inform our picklists.”

“When we create 3D models of these highly detailed data-rich areas in Leapfrog Geo, we start to see the geological patterns and build a better picture of exploration potential,” she says.

“As well as gold systems we have detected other economically viable metals, such as silver, that we can also look to potentially develop.”

A plan view map of Goldlund created in Leapfrog with drillhole traces showing gold concentrations and overlaid with an air photo of the site.

Enhanced data flow with integrated solutions

One of the biggest challenges with deposits yet to be mined is working with historical data.

When Treasury Metals merged Goldlund with Goliath we definitely had that struggle,” says Maura.

“We’d inherited two very different styles of drillhole data, different rock codes and even quite unique visions for each drilling campaign,”

she says.

“The only way to compare apples with apples was with the assurance of combining all geological drill and imagery data in a consistent way,” she says.

On limited time and under the pump, MX Deposit allowed the team to make swift work of cleansing and integrating all datasets together into one coherent database.

“It’s an easy, dynamic solution that gives you ownership tailored to your specific needs,” says Maura. “For example, knowing we’re in Archean rock and looking to capture typical gold alterations and veining so that our picklists and tables reflect that.”

“Within a year of pulling all of our available data sets across to MX Deposit and visualising it as geologic models in Leapfrog Geo, we decided to add Seequent Central.

“This has proved a powerful workflow enabling us to quickly and easily share our drill database and 3D models in real-time across the entire team for faster, more confident decision-making.”

Goliath deposits visualised in Leapfrog with drillhole traces showing gold concentrations and biotite alteration structures overlaid with the geophysics.

Increase confidence in your model

Another challenge when migrating and merging previous drill databases is the risk of losing data or not capturing it quite the same.

“This is where the value of good quality high-resolution core photos comes in,” says Maura.

“Here at Treasury Metals, we have an excellent core image library that we constantly look at to ‘truth’ our 3D geological models.”

“You can zoom right in to check rock alterations or better answer why a certain historical data set was collected,” she says. “And capture streams of mineralisation that are better accentuated when the core is dry, or wet.”

“We’ve made key observations from the imagery on one of our targets called the fold nose – noticing three different styles of mineralisation and more opportunity.”

There’s also the convenience of having core photos on hand from the safety of your desk.

“We’re often working in harsh terrain that might be under 10 feet of snow in winter,” says Maura.

“Over time and out in the elements all kinds of things may happen to core sheds or storage boxes,” she says. “Or exploration projects can be put on hold.”

“But if you’ve saved your data in multiple ways, backed by a library of quality data set imagery you can keep working through all the seasons and market changes,”

she says. “And if you’re forward thinking and take your photos well enough you can be future-ready for AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) applications.”

Operate smarter and faster with good data

With over ten years under her belt as an exploration geologist, Maura has seen how fast the industry is evolving.

“The way we survey, capture, interpret and interrogate data has changed,” says Maura. “Previously, we didn’t take core photos, as they were too big to save, but now (with improved software storage capability) – we couldn’t work without them!”

Junior explorers enjoy the simplicity of learning Seequent solutions, including its flexibility and ease of interoperability that creates a seamless workflow.

“They quickly see the benefits of being able to capture all their different data sets in MX Deposit then simply pushing that information over into Leapfrog Geo to create their 3D models,”

says Maura. “I’m excited to see where the next generation of explorers will take this technology!”

“Being Cloud-based is my personal favourite,” she says. “I could be working remotely, travelling for work, at a conference or meeting with the corporate team.”

“If I get a question on the spot, I’m not frantically trying to find all our latest geologic models but can easily access our most up-to-date versions in Central.”

“Our time is valuable and as a workflow solution; MX Deposit, Leapfrog Geo and Central are extremely time effective,” says Maura.

“In my job, it’s all about maximising investment opportunities with efficient decision-making.”

Goliath deposits visualised in Leapfrog with drillhole traces showing gold concentrations and biotite alteration structures overlaid with the geophysics.

O fluxo de trabalho da Treasury Metals, que inclui o MX Deposit para coleta e integração de dados geológicos e o Seequent Central para controle do modelo geológico e colaboração em equipe, auxiliou no notável aumento das reservas.

MX Deposit: a única plataforma de gerenciamento de dados com Software como Serviço (SaaS, Software as a Service) desenvolvida para toda a cadeia de valores da mineração, pois permite coletar, gerenciar e compartilhar os dados das perfurações e das amostras.

Imago: é baseado na nuvem e permite acessar, colaborar e validar facilmente usando as suas imagens geocientíficas de alta qualidade.

Central: é uma solução de gerenciamento de dados baseada na nuvem que te ajuda a visualizar, rastrear e gerenciar os seus dados geológicos em um ambiente centralizado e auditável.

Leapfrog Geo: é uma ferramenta de modelagem geológica em 3D baseada em fluxo de trabalho que permite integrar, divulgar e interpretar dados geológicos com rapidez.