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Esta apresentação de Gaud Pouliquen e Roy Kittrell apresenta ao público uma jornada de gradiometria gravimétrica de tensor total.

During the talk, viewers will discover the key benefits of using the Seequent ecosystem to interpret and integrate FTG data. It is widely recognized that gravity and magnetic data are cost effective methods for frontier exploration and regional evaluation.

This presentation exposes how high resolution FTG data, when combined with other data sets, can furthermore be used to de-risk plays and in prospect evaluation. The interpretation of tensor data can be complex, requiring a specialist interpretation. There is also an extremely large volume of data involved. You will see how the team at Bell Geospace applies workflows in the Seequent platform and in doing so, how the delivered products can be easily understood and integrated.

It is of paramount importance to Bell Geospace that the FTG data, once acquired, processed and interpreted is presented as digestible geological information in order that it will be useful and significant for decision making. The talks shares examples from the ongoing Bell Geospace Multi-Client programme in Malaysia. This programme is 80% complete. It will cover 376,000 sq kms in total and is the largest library of FTG data anywhere in the world.



Gaud Pouliquen
Business Development Manager – EMEAA, Bell Geospace

Roy Kittrell
Lead Regional Geologist – Asia Pacific, Bell Geospace


14 minutos

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