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A Meager Creek Development Corp usa o Leapfrog para integrar todos os seus dados, definir os poços viáveis e explicar aos principais stakeholders as oportunidades verdes escondidas abaixo das montanhas.

“Opening that topography to show the reservoir below, we’ve seen a number of community folks, key stakeholders, that went: ‘Oh, so that’s what’s going on under the mountain.”

Buried in the coastal mountains about three hours from Vancouver, Canada is some of the cheapest power on the planet.

Meager Creek has been explored for decades as a geothermal hot spot. Now, as an even hotter market for hydrogen emerges, it’s a prime location for using geothermal energy to generate “green hydrogen” that can be used in everything from transportation to home heating.

With decades of data on hand, and new data being collected each season, Meager Creek Development Corp is using Leapfrog to help them get this valuable green hydrogen resource to market.

Why Seequent?

Intuitive, collaborative, integrated; Seequent software brings clarity to the complexity of geo-data and decision making.

We enable geo-data to tell a story with software that combines in-depth analysis, 2D and 3D visualisation, and data management. Accessible on desktop and Cloud, Seequent brings together the trusted power of Leapfrog 3D, Geosoft, and GeoStudio software. Our solutions integrate with industry-leading tools and have an open API so that all data and workflows can be considered.

Build integrated Earth models
Combine all of your geo-data, bring together teams remotely, and integrate software in near real time to make the best choices for your projects.
Focus on your work, we’ll handle the data
There’s a team of expert geoscientists working alongside software architects – translating the latest science into tools that help you make vital decisions.
Customers trust our products
Because we listen, we test, we evolve. Customer and industry feedback drive each update. We invest heavily in research and development.
Connect all your data
Geo-data is your most valuable asset and we make sure it’s secure, tracked, and accessible whether you use it on desktop, Cloud, or both.

Em mais de 100 países, profissionais do setor usam as tecnologias da Seequent para enfrentar os desafios relacionados a geociências, e essas tecnologias apresentam resultados valiosos.

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