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With energy transition taking full flight, geoscientists are being forced to integrate different datatypes and are needing flexible tools more than ever. File formats and data developed in one market are now becoming crucially important in others. A great example of this is where seismic data interpretation has been used for years offshore to delineate oil and gas reservoirs, thousands of meters below the surface, and which is now being used to understand the ground conditions for wind turbine foundations. Reservoir simulation software primarily used for optimising the productions of oil and gas is now being utilised to understand how to inject, store and monitor CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

As such, Geothermal, a crucial transition enabler is evolving too. Novel technologies and alternative applications (heating and cooling, agriculture/aquaculture, industrial processing, mineral extraction etc.) are receiving widespread adoption. We also see the emergence of oil and gas technologies adapted to our industry, potentially opening new geothermal applications in places previously believed impossible. As such, Seequent’s solutions are evolving in order to align with industry needs.

We are excited to announce that in our latest release of Leapfrog, it supports the creation and population of both ECLIPSE™ and CMG™ reservoir simulation grids directly from our industry-leading implicit modelling engine. On top of that, you can now import well data directly into Leapfrog in the PETRELTM deviation file format. These new integrations ensure smooth interoperability between the deep subsurface disciplines.

Para superar os desafios ao lidar com armazenamento e transferência de grandes volumes de dados, também aumentamos o desempenho de processamento do Leapfrog de maneira significativa e fornecemos melhorias no armazenamento em disco para que os usuários continuem aproveitando ao máximo a nossa modelagem implícita líder do setor. Entre essas melhorias, está a conectividade com o Central, a nossa solução líder do setor para gerenciamento/visualização de modelos e dados em nuvem, que facilita a transparência e o compartilhamento de dados para equipes externas de projeto.

This builds on the recent integration of SEG-Y data into Leapfrog, supporting seismic data alongside other industry formats. As the energy transition evolves and we look to support all formats required to drive this energy transition, our product strategy aims to support our customers across all aspects, not only geothermal but wind, oil and gas and CCUS in addition.

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