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Сохраняйте значения сеток с использованием формата GeoTIFF с плавающей запятой в последней версии Oasis montaj

Efficiency and collaboration take centre stage in this release. Watch the video to see a demo of the new and improved features and learn how this release enables users to:

  • Preserve grid values with native support for the industry standard floating point and cloud-optimised GeoTIFF file formats.
  • Improve accuracy and control over grid boundaries with harmonised spatial extents and parameter consistency across methods.
  • Easily import your SEG-Y data regardless of structure and display curved sections in GM-SYS 2D.
  • Assess the effectiveness of detection methods and algorithms by synthetically seeding data in UX-Analyze.
  • Share projects and track changes with Leapfrog users by uploading files directly to Leapfrog Central file storage.
  • Experience an improved gravity processing workflow Gravity and Terrain Correction improvements.



Josh Sellars

Project Geophysicist — Seequent


10 минут

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