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I am a Leapfrog Geo/Works/Energy user, and I have scene files (*.lfview) that I need to access while I’m using Leapfrog Geo/Works/Energy.


Leapfrog Viewer is now bundled within Leapfrog 2021.1, which means that users can open scene files within Leapfrog Geo/Works/Energy.

  1. In Leapfrog Geo/Works/Energy, use the Scene Files tab to open available *.lfview files.
  2. The tab will show you the thumbnails of the most recent scenes opened, as well as a directory where you can specify the location of a scene file.
  3. Once you have opened the scene file, you will have the Viewer functions available to the scene files.


Users can create scenes in the «Saved Scenes and Movies» folder and then export these scenes as Leapfrog Viewer files. These files can be opened right away within Leapfrog Geo/Works/Energy using the Scene File tab.

Users do no need to sign out of their licence and log into Viewer to access «Viewer» files.

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