Import and organize

Easy-to-use import wizards and highly-efficient Geosoft databases enable you to quickly import and organize all your drilling data from a variety of file formats.

Quality control

Target provides a complete suite of QA/QC tools for validating all types of drillhole data. Identify and correct discrepancies within your project data.

Plan maps

Easily create plan maps of your drillhole locations and integrate all your geology, geophysics, GIS and remote sensing exploration data.


Quickly create single or multiple sections to visualize subsurface geology for interpretation and geological models. Refresh one or all of your sections with a single click when updated source data is available.


Create interpretations of subsurface geology to better understand your exploration project and to use for geological modelling.

Geological modelling

An easy-to-use wireframing interface that enables you to build 3D subsurface geological models. Create 3D voxel block models and isosurfaces from your drillhole data. Calculate volume and grade estimates based on geological models.

Voxel block models

Create 3D voxel block models and isosurfaces by interpolating any numerical quantity associated with your drillholes. Use voxel math to manipulate voxels and geosurfaces. Clip a voxel to the extent of any volume within your geological interpretation.

Plan new drillholes

Interactively draw and position proposed drillholes directly in 3D, along with all of your geological, geophysical, geochemical, and GIS data.

Collaborate and share

Display all your drillhole data as maps, sections and 3D views in a single integrated environment. Incorporate data from major mine planning and other exploration software formats. Share your results as 2D or 3D PDF files or by exporting to a variety of file formats.

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