Our solutions are used by research and non-profit institutions to tackle challenges across the globe, from quantifying potential sea level rise to providing groundwater resources in humanitarian crises.  

Our Leapfrog, Geosoft, and Geoslope products are available for research licensing. Check below to see if your project meets the eligibility requirements.

Understanding Antarctica’s glaciers with Jamin Greenbaum (1:33)

Seequent for Research

Leapfrog software is available under our research subscription program at discounted prices for eligible research projects. In some cases, fees may be waived entirely.

Geosoft research subscriptions are available for non-profit organisations and individuals conducting geoscience research projects. The research subscriptions are available in four configurations from basic geophysics to advanced multidisciplinary and specialized requirements. See here for more information.

Research subscriptions are available in four configurations to meet the full range of geoscience research program needs, from basic geophysics to advanced multidisciplinary and specialized requirements. Subscriptions include 12 months of support and updates. 

With your research subscription, you’ll also be able to take advantage of local support and training through the MySeequent portal.

Products available for Research subcriptions

Leapfrog Geo

Integrate, communicate, and interpret geoscience data with rapid 3D modelling.

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Leapfrog Works

Communicate insights with dynamic 3D modelling designed for civil & environmental projects.

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Leapfrog Geothermal

Make clear and confident decisions for geothermal development and operations.

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Oasis montaj

Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data in interactive 2D and 3D models.

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Integrate seismic, well, and geology data with observed gravity and magnetics.

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Target for ArcGIS

Visualise, QA/QC, and share drillhole and geoscience data.

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Model slope stability, ground deformation, and heat and mass transfer in soil and rock.

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Eligibility & Requirements

You’re eligible to apply for a research license if you’re undertaking research at a post-secondary institution or conducting work for a non-profit organisation. 

Other requirements include: 

  • Subscriptions are for non-commercial use only research or work must be in the geosciences 
  • The university, faculty, or non-profit should be well-respected internationally 
  • If youre a student, license usage must be managed by a Dean, Key Lecturer, or Faculty Head  
  • Research findings must be publicly available and published in open literature 
  • Copies of published papers, theses, case studies, and models must be supplied to Seequent via the Seequent Academic Hub intake form, upon completion of your research or project
  • Seequent should be acknowledged as appropriate on your published research and any presentations 


Your application will be assessed by Seequent to determine whether it’s an appropriate use of the specified product. Applications are assessed case by case. Subscriptions are issued on an annual basis and must be renewed every year.  

If your application is approved, you are required to share your research and findings with Seequent.