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The core shot is an automated rig to capture high-resolution photographs of your core boxes. A high-resolution camera and an automated translational movement allow the Core Shot to produce panorama photographs of the maximum quality. These photographs will be automatically uploaded into Imago’s web portal.

Fig. 1. Core Shot Specs

The Core Shot is the most affordable high-resolution box scanning machine in the market*.

Photo 1. Example of a Core Shot photograph.

Photo 2. Zoom view.

Photo 3. Closed Up zoom 

Its frame is made of aluminum extrusion making it lightweight and very portable (It could travel with you as checked luggage).  Also, it has a user interface to be operated by the customer so you can have your own Core Shot at your site (our deployment and support team will assist you in getting up and running). If required lease per meter is also available.

Due to its flexibility, the Core Shot can scan boxes of any tray size.

Fig. 2. Core Shot adapted to scan 1.5m Core Boxes.

It can scan 1.6m of the box in 40 seconds producing images of very high resolution (35µm/px or higher). High-resolution photographs produced by the Core Shot are ideal for Machine Learning because high resolution allows to train and run ML algorithms more accurately.

Fig. 3. Core Shot system with light-diffusing cover.

If needed, a controlled light environment can also be produced in order to reduce glare and improve image consistency. A set of diffused light sources are incorporated.

Fig. 4. Core Shot uses off the shelf high-resolution DSLR Cameras to get high-resolution images.

Diffused, polarized and UV light are also supported. Take the most out of your core; these and more image types are also supported by Imago’s web portal.

If you want to improve your capturing workflow and start getting high-resolution photographs to be used in geology, geotechnics, and Machine Learning, reach out, our team would be happy to help.