Who we are

Seequent is a global leader in the development of visual data science software and collaborative technologies. Our solutions enable people to create rich stories and uncover valuable insights from geotechnical data, and ultimately make better decisions about their earth, environment and energy challenges.

We see the possibilities

Our 3D modelling tools and technology are widely applied across industries and projects, including road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, resource evaluation and estimation, subterranean storage of spent nuclear fuel, and a whole lot more.

Complexity to clarity

At Seequent, we help transform raw, complex data and give it a form that is easily communicated to stakeholders and collaborated on by remote teams. Having a common picture brings clarity to complexity and empowers everyone with knowledge.


Where we came from

Seequent used to be ARANZ Geo.

Formed in 2004, the company built its flagship 3D geological modelling product ‘Leapfrog’ based on a pioneering algorithm that enables fast and automated formation of ‘surfaces’ directly from geological data. Today Leapfrog has thousands of users and is relied on by top mining and exploration firms, major geothermal energy companies, civil construction leaders and environmental science specialists.

Since 2004, we’ve integrated three unique companies at the top of their game:

QG were brought on to contribute to the geology and geostatistics expertise within Seequent. Their deep experience and market insights solidify our position in the mining industry.

Bloy are one of the world’s only product specialists in the grade control field. They developed a full-featured, off-the-shelf grade control solution.

3Point Science specialise in cloud solutions and geophysics, and in creating highly engaging 3D data visualisation. 

Why we are Seequent

We have evolved from a software company developing geological modelling tools and services, into a technology leader offering truly integrated solutions for shared, global challenges. We see the industries we serve in a bigger context and see new possibilities in the areas of earth, the environment and energy.

Seequent is who we are.