The information below provides a summary of the different types of cookies and an overview of their purpose.

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Matrix is the Content Management System (CMS) that our site is built upon. Matrix cookies are simply a session cookie – no data is stored.



Google has a number of applications that are used to understand how visitors use our website and help identify where improvements can be made. Data collected is anonymous and not personally identifiable.

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Social Media


AddThis is a tool used to collect information from visitors of our website. This information does not directly identify an individual rather designed to identify the mechanism or channel used by your visitors. However, in certain circumstances, the visitor may opt to share their email address with AddThis to facilitate the services.

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The Google+ buttons are a collection of buttons and publisher integration points that applications, websites, and other services can add to websites so that Google+ users can connect to and share on Google+.

When a user clicks +1, Google receives information about the user’s Google profile, the URL that they have +1’d, their IP address, and other browser-related information.

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Twitter is designed to receive information when visitors view content on or
otherwise interact with their services, even if you have not created an account (“Log Data”).

For example, when a person visit our websites, sign into our Services, interact with our email notifications, use your account to authenticate to a third-party website, application, or service, or visit a third-party website, application, or service that includes Twitter content, we may receive information about you.

This Log Data may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring webpage, pages visited, location, your mobile carrier, device information (including device and application IDs), search terms, or cookie information.

Twitter also receive Log Data when you click on, view or interact with links on our Services, including links to third-party applications, such as when you choose to install another application through Twitter. Log Data can be used to make inferences, like what topics you may be interested in, and to customize the content we show you, including ads.

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Facebook cookies help provide, protect and improve the Facebook products, such as by personalising content, tailoring and measuring ads, and providing a safer experience. While the cookies that are used may change from time to time, they are used or the following purposes:

  • Authentication
  • Security, site and product integrity
  • Advertising, recommendations, insights and measurements
  • Sites features and services
  • Performance
  • Analyticsand research

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LinkedIn cookies can be used to recognize when a person visits our LinkedIn profile or interact with content posted by us. Additionally, cookies allow LinkedIn to advertise both on and off the LinkedIn sites, and bring customised features to the visitor through LinkedIn plugins such as the “Share” button.

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Wistia host several of our videos and are embedded throughout our website. A cookie is used to gather information about the number of views and page loads of videos.

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YouTube host some of our videos, where appropriate. YouTube may cookies to provide some features, functionality and gather analytical information.

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Marketo is used to track the web pages visited, forms completed and content downloaded etc. Data is anonymous until you provide personal information in a form or make a visit to our website after ‘opting in’ for an email. Once your personal details are known, all previous and subsequent website activity will be recorded.

This information is used to understand what products and services visitors are interested in to provide you with relevant content such as events, white papers and email communications.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Marketing sets three different types of cookies:

  1. Long-term behavioural-analysis cookie: This cookie is set and/or read on any webpage where you have placed a Dynamics 365 for Marketing website behavioural analysis script. It enables Dynamics 365 for Marketing to score leads based on their level of interaction with a given website. The cookie contains no personal information, but does uniquely identify a specific browser on a specific machine, and Dynamics 365 for Marketing can use it to correlate this ID with an actual contact in the Dynamics 365 for Marketing database. The cookie remains active for two years.
  2. Short-term, single-visit cookie: This cookie is also set and/or read on any webpage where you have placed a Dynamics 365 for Marketing website behavioural-analysis script. By default, it expires after just 30 minutes (although you can configure this). Dynamics 365 for Marketing uses it to group all page loads by a given visitor that are recorded by the same behavioural-analysis script and that occur within the configured timeframe; it will consider all of these as part of a single “visit” to the website.
  3. Marketing page registration cookie: This cookie is set when a contact submits a Dynamics 365 marketing page where the Remember my information check box has been selected. It enables the marketing page to show a prefilled form the next time the same contact uses it. The information stored in the cookie is a cryptographic, unique identifier and doesn’t contain the data submitted or any means for an external application to uncover the submitted information.

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