Beginning January 2020, we are transitioning existing Leapfrog users from dongle-based access to Seequent ID for authentication and authorisation.

Goodbye dongles

Instant username & password access with no delay waiting for a dongle to arrive.

You won’t need to worry about damaged, lost or forgotten dongles, expired batteries or waiting for replacements.

Improved security

With an ID-based access and multi factor authentication, we ensure a much higher level of security protection.

Subscription options

Flexible check-out/check-in for Shared Seats across your team, Named Seats for dedicated and unrestricted access at any time.

What you need to do

You don’t need to do anything now. We will be in touch prior to your renewal date to plan the transition.

Well ahead of your renewal date we’ll plan the transition with you. For mining customers, on your renewal date, you will begin using Seequent ID to access Leapfrog Geo and extensions, such as Edge, ioGas and Maptek links. For energy customers, on your renewal date, you will begin using Seequent ID to access Leapfrog GeoThermal and extensions, such as Edge and iPoint Link.

If you’re using Pay & Go or have a Consultant On Demand subscription, we won’t plan your transition until second half of 2020.

What is Seequent ID?

Seequent ID the new way to authenticate and authorize access to your Seequent products and data. Coupled with MySeequent –  the gateway to an integrated and connected environment where you can share ideas and collaborate with peers. This replaces our dongle-based system, giving you and your organisation a much higher level of security.

About Seequent ID

About ID-Based Access

Why Is Seequent Moving To An ID-Based Access System?

Dongles are increasingly seen as outmoded and have many disadvantages; data security risks; delays waiting for dongles to arrive; people lose them, break them or forget them. Moving to ID-based access means we can avoid these issues, offer you better security and transparency and also provide you with a more personalised experience.

How Will ID-Based Access Work?

Seequent products are accessed via your unique Seequent ID. When you begin your set up process, you will be prompted to create your Seequent ID (if you don’t already have one). Once your Seequent ID is created, you will simply sign in and select which of the available products you want to use in the current session. If you have a Leapfrog ID it will become your Seequent ID.

Deployment is quick and flexible. The products available to you are controlled by your organisation’s administrator. When you sign in with your Seequent ID, you are connected to a cloud-based server to authenticate you and authorise your use of the software. Depending on which products are purchased, there may be additional options to select for that session.

Do I Need To Be Connected To The Internet To Use Seequent’s Products?

You do need an internet connection to successfully sign in when you initially run the software.

With Named and Shared Seats, it is possible to go offline for multiple days at a time. Just select the number of days you need when you first sign in to the software. Offline usage is captured when users come back online.

With Shared Seats you need to sign out to free the Seat up for others to take. As with sign in, you need an internet connection to successfully sign out and free the Seat for others. Regardless, a Shared Seat will be released for others to use once it’s duration lapses.

Licensing changes

With the move to Seequent ID, you will see changes in the subscription options available.

Licensing will be known as Subscription and a licence will be known as a ‘Seat’. We will work with you to select the optimal Seat mix.

What Subscription Options Are Available?

A Named Seat is issued to a Seequent ID and allows dedicated and unrestricted access to the software. A Shared Seat is assigned to a group of Seequent IDs administered by the organisation. It allows for flexible user access until all Seats are taken.

What Are The Benefits Of A Shared Seat?

Each Shared Seat purchased is assigned to a group of named users and administered by your organisation over a 12-month period. Access is limited to one user per Shared Seat at any given time.

Sharing is easy – users sign in with their Seequent ID and select the number of days that they need at start up. If they finish early, they can sign out and free up the Seat for the next user. Users have the flexibility to operate offline for the time selected – great for working on remote sites or client offices where internet access is not easily guaranteed.

What are the benefits of a Named Seat?

A Named Seat is ideal for a user who wants dedicated and unrestricted access at any time. A Named Seat has a lower fee than a Shared Seat, because access is reserved for the named user (i.e., it may not be shared).  As with the Shared option, users of Named Seats have the flexibility to operate offline for the time selected – great for working on remote sites or client offices where internet access is not easily guaranteed.

Can I have a mix of pricing options?

Yes! We know every organisation is different so you can have a mix of Shared and Named Seats to suit the way you work. Your organisation’s administrator controls who has access to which option and you never have to worry about your teams’ ability to access the software while simultaneously controlling your expenditure.

For a Shared Seat, How long can it be checked out?

A Seat is normally checked out for 24 hours. There is the option to check out a Seat for longer, for instance if you are going into the field and won’t have internet access. A Seat is automatically released after the check-out time period has expired and can be extended as necessary. A Shared Seat can be checked back in prior to 24 hours (or whatever the initial check-out duration was), if you consciously sign out of your Seequent ID, ensuring unused Seats are quickly available to be taken by others.

How will this affect Corporate on Demand licence users?

In the new system, your Corporate On Demand licences (COD) will become Shared Seats, at no extra cost. The key advantage of a Shared Seat over a COD is the ability for you to check-in a Seat whenever you have finished using it, which removes the ambiguity around usage compared to the mandatory 24-hour check-out period of a COD.  That will make for much more efficient use and greater availability to your pool of users.

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