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Water Resources ‘Managing every drop’ – webinar series

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12 January 2022 @ 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST

To protect valuable water assets, ensure water security for communities, and safely manage critical resources, geoscience and engineering teams need an in-depth understanding of surface and groundwater interactions.

To be successful in protecting and harnessing this most valuable commodity of all, you’ll need to connect all data: historical, geophysical, geological, hydrogeological and much more to create one single source of truth that is centrally managed, up to date and accessible to teams, managers, and auditors. How is it done?

Join us for this series of webinars, where we introduce Seequent’s approach to Water Management through the connected application of our prime modelling tools and data management system: Aarhus Workbench, Oasis montaj, Leapfrog Works and Central.

Our geoscience experts will guide you through the step-by-step evolution of the “Nebraska State Aquifer Project”. Discover how:
• the effective combination of geophysical electromagnetic (EM) data with existing borehole information accurately constrains the underlying aquifer in a shareable 3D model.
• the modelling process and multi-disciplinary communication is efficiently streamlined through interactive data management.

The webinars will be delivered as 3 modules. By registering, you will be able to attend all 3 webinars and receive the recordings for each of them if you’re unable to attend a session.

Webinar 1 – Geophysics

12th January 2022 2pm-3pm UTC-5

Geophysics is an essential tool in hydrogeology for mapping and visualization of underground aquifers, often providing a higher resolution than models derived from borehole data alone. 

In this first webinar you will discover how Seequent’s Aarhus Workbench and Oasis montaj can be used to process and invert airborne electromagnetic (EM) data to create a clear 3D resistivity model of an aquifer. Learn how the geophysical model is then introduced to Leapfrog Works to further constrain the geological and hydrogeological site investigation through a holistic 3D modelling approach, supported by Central, Seequent’s cloud-hosted data management and collaboration tool. 

Presenter: Laura Quigley: Technical Analyst – Seequent

Webinar 2 – Geological Model

19th January 2022 2pm – 3pm UTC-5

Creating integrated and shareable 3D geological models not only engages your stakeholders but supports collaboration around your project site.

In this second webinar you will discover Leapfrog Works, Seequent’s implicit 3D geological modelling tool, which was developed to enable the dynamic interpretation of diverse subsurface geoscience data. 

  • Learn how a baseline geological model is created from borehole data and then refined through geophysical resistivity data previously processed in Aarhus Workbench and Oasis montaj. 
  • Discover how the holistic approach enables the modeler to better delineate the extent of the underlying aquifer and inform investigative decisions where drilling data is sparse. 
  • Experience how resulting 2D cross-section and the evolving 3D model is stored, version tracked and shared through Seequent Central to facilitate efficient multi-disciplinary collaboration and data management. 

Presenter: Sean Buchanan: Project Geologist – Seequent

Webinar 3 – Data & model management

26th January 2021 2pm – 3pm UTC-5

Creating an easily navigable digital workspace that invites all stakeholders to develop collaborative ideas and models based on the latest data is key for an efficient and successful project execution.

In this third webinar you will learn how Central, Seequent’s cloud-based Data and Model Management system, provides an effective method to reliably track the evolution of the project from geophysical investigation to geological interpretation, and finally stakeholder engagement both internally and publicly. 

  • Discover Central’s ability to visualise the model changes directly on the web and see how geospatially focused comments, a customisable notification system and 3D scenes support a joined peer review process. 
  • Learn how Central supports the sharing of data between multi-disciplinary team members. With the ability to dynamically link files, connected objects and even full models, projects can be instantly updated as soon as new data is available, facilitating a real-time decision-making process. 

Presenter: Stephanie Vanos: Project Geologist, data management specialist


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