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UAV Geophysics for magnetics surveys – Remote

13 April 2021 @ 12:00 pm to 14 April 2021 @ 4:00 pm BST

Working with UAV data? Join us in this instructor-led remote course to learn how to plan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) magnetic surveys and process the resultant data in Oasis montaj.

The course uses hands-on activities to demonstrate the complete workflow for processing UAV magnetic airborne surveys including:

Survey Design
Quickly design a survey with just a boundary file. The survey design workflow provides all the tools needed to subdivide you survey area based on your drone range while remaining compliant with local drone Visual line of sight (VLOS) requirements.

Sortie Planning and Data Import
Easily import common drone magnetomer files using pre-built import templates. Save time by batch importing all your sorties at once.

The flight range of a UAV is limited compared to manned aircraft and will vary between systems depending upon their battery specification and configuration. As a consequence, if the area to be surveyed by a UAV is a large one, then that area is typically divided into sub-areas called sorties.

The UAV workflow allows you to automatically generate sorties within the survey area based on the UAV flight range and create separate flight plan databases for each. The workflow allows modification of the shape and extent of sorties, as well as the addition or removal of individual sorties. Sorties can also be exported to KML file, allowing them to be used in some UAV navigation systems, as well as be viewed in Google Earth and other GIS software.

Sorties created by other means can also be imported into the workflow, allowing users who have already flown UAV surveys to import their data into the workflow and utilize the pre-processing, merging and levelling tools within. The UAV takeoff location within each sortie can be modified and, for regions where regulations require the UAV to be visible to the controller at all times during flight, the line of sight from that location can be tested.

Once the survey has been flown, data from sorties can be imported individually or in batches. Import templates for data from commonly used UAV systems such as MagArrow and DRONEmag are provided during the import, along with the ability to utilize other ASCII import templates.

Merge all processed sorties into a levelled composite database. The merging process effortlessly removes extraneous data such as, turnarounds, travel to and from take-off locations, then identifies line segments of adjacent sorties to be merged into a single continuous line across the Area of Interest (AoI)

Tie-Line Levelling
Apply a comprehensive suite of magnetic data corrections to your individual sorties. Discontinuity removal, velocity filtering, base station, lag and heading corrections are all provided within this feature.

Use the Oasis montaj platform to seamlessly integrate your UAV data with supplementary data such as, lidar, air photos, geology and geophysics. Access to additional Geosoft extensions allows for further interpretation.
Registration includes complimentary access to Oasis Montaj and UAV extension for the duration of the course.

This course will be delivered as 4-hour sessions run over the course of 2 days (2 x 4hr = 8 hr total).

To make the most of this course, please ensure you have a stable internet connection, and a secondary screen is highly recommended. To ensure a quality training experience for all participants, courses are capped at 6 attendees.

Once the registration limit is reached, additional registrants will be added and notified that they are on a waiting list.

Presenter information

Victor Mapuranga, Geophysicist at Seequent. Victor obtained his MSc in Physics from the University of Pretoria. Before joining Seequent, he spent several years working for a consultancy firm that specializes in the applications of seismics, gravity, ERT and GPR to solve environmental and geotechnical problems.



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