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Magnetic surveying for anthropogenic objects – Seequent & Geometrics 3-part webinar series.

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17 November @ 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm GMT

Join us for this three-part webinar series designed for you to learn more about magnetic surveying for manmade objects – the theory, data acquisition and data processing. Search for man-made(anthropogenic) objects in the near surface has been an important objective for near surface geophysicists.

Items of interest include Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) from both training activities and warfare, archaeological investigations, and old infrastructure such as pipelines, cables and underground storage tanks where the available maps and drawings are not present or inadequate. Magnetic methods have been one of the primary methods for detecting these objects Each webinar will include a live Q&A at the end.

The webinars will be delivered as 3 standalone modules. By registering, you will be able to attend all 3 webinars and receive the recordings for each of them if you’re unable to attend a session.

Magnetic surveying webinar 1 – theory
27th October 2021 3pm-4pm GMT
This webinar will focus on the practical implications of magnetic theory for conducting surveys – including the impacts of:

• size, shape and orientation of ferrous objects,
• remnant magnetization,
• gradient vs total field measurements.

The simplicity of conducting the surveys masks the complexity in terms of the magnetic signatures of buried metallic objects and the optimal method for making those measurements.

Presenters: Becky Bodger/Seequent, Bart Hoekstra, Gretchen Schmauder, Stefan Burns/Geometrics

Magnetic surveying webinar 2 – acquisition
17th November 2021 3pm-4pm GMT

This webinar will focus on the best practices for data acquisition. Survey design decisions are based on site conditions, survey objectives, such as object size and depth, and should include:

• Total field or gradiometer.
• sensor sensitivity
• Influence of platform noise
• survey layout (line spacing, orientation)
• sampling interval
• Need for a base station and its location

We will discuss how to maximize your chances of successfully achieving your objectives and acquire reliable data.

Presenters: Becky Bodger – Seequent, Bart Hoekstra – Geometrics, Gretchen Schmauder – Geometrics

Magnetic surveying webinar 3 – processing
1st December 2021 3pm-4pm GMT

This webinar will be a mini workshop covering the basics of processing magnetic data. Good data processing is crucial to the successful completion of a magnetic survey. While often the quality of the processing relies on the experience of the data processor, there are a few rules we can follow to ensure we get good, repeatable results with every survey.

We will cover the following processing steps:
• Import data
• Create a map
• Grid/Interpolate the data
• Filter and remove noise
• Pick Targets

With your registration you will automatically be assigned a 2 week evaluation of Oasis montaj and UXO-Land beginning November 24th. You will be emailed a dataset that you can use to follow along during the third webinar, or afterwards on demand.

Presenters: Becky Bodger – Seequent, Bart Hoekstra – Geometrics, Gretchen Schmauder – Geometrics


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