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A quick guide to Time-Domain Electromagnetic VOXI inversion

5 August @ 11:00 am to 11:30 am AWST

Join this step-by-step webinar to go through analysing EM data in Oasis montaj and 1D and 2.5D TDEM VOXI modelling of conductive anomalies.

Recent improvements in geophysical algorithms can pull more information out of new and historical electromagnetic datasets. Oasis montaj is a geoscience platform for processing, modelling, and sharing geophysical data with other stakeholders. In Oasis montaj 9.10, improvements to the VOXI TDEM workflow allow for ground and airborne electromagnetic surveys to be inverted into conductivity or resistivity models of the earth. This workflow shows how to use the EM Utilities extension to set up the data for modelling, calculate and remove EM array noise, calculate the Tau values and analyse EM arrays. The data is then brought into VOXI for geophysical modelling using the benefits of the simple VOXI workflow for setting up data space parameters. This data is shared with the geological team through new upload and notification tools in Seequent Central.

Presented by Mark Lowe, Project Geophysicist at Seequent.