Together with our partners, we work to provide combined solutions for global earth, environment and energy challenges.

It is Seequent’s ambition to create an ecosystem of understanding – a global network of partners within the geoscience community, supported by an open environment of shared insights, expertise, workflows and purpose.

Seequent’s current APIs are available to explore in the Seequent Developer Portal.

Seequent has a roadmap that will involve the deployment of additional endpoints to create a comprehensive and capable environment for products and services to interact in the Seequent Evo ecosystem. now live


What can I build?

File API

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Integration API

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Meet our partners

Kore GeoSystems

Seequent Evo Partner

Rock Mapper

Seequent Evo Partner


Seequent Evo Partner

Minerva Intelligence

Seequent Evo Partner

Rockmass Technologies

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Seequent Evo Partner

Register your Interest

Organisations interested in making use of Seequent APIs need apply to become a Seequent Technology Partner. As of late 2021, Seequent are working with a limited number of partners in order to build the initial foundations of the Seequent Evo ecosystem.

To register your organisation’s expression of interest in this programme, please fill in the form below.