We know the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly and many companies have gone fully remote, urging employees to work from home to keep safe. We are committed to supporting your business continuity and we are doing everything possible to make working remotely easier.

From Dongle to Seequent ID

Some of our users are still on dongles, and if that is you, we know it can be difficult to work remotely.  For this reason, we are fast tracking our ability to convert dongle licenses into cloud based shared seats.  A shared licensing model enables multiple users to check in and out a seat from anywhere in the world.  To help your remote team, we are offering shared seat access for 60 days, free of charge.

If you’d like to discuss this option, please contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need internet connectivity to access Seequent software with SeequentID?

Yes, but just to initiate your access. You may choose a session duration up to 30 days, during which you won’t need to be connected to the Internet.

Will my dongle be turned off?

No. However, to access with SeequentID, you’ll need to be sure a dongle is not plugged into your device.

How long is this offer available?

The offer begins immediately. From point of activation, Seequent ID-based access will be for 60 days, free of charge. However, we will continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, and provide further updates.

What licence types are included in this program?

The program is meant to support users who currently use a dongle to access Leapfrog Geo or Geothermal on Individual Licence, Corporate On Demand Licence or Consultant on Demand Licence.

What if my organization’s subscriptions are up for renewal in the 60-day period?

We will work with you to renew your subscriptions, and transition all of your users off dongle to Seequent ID. Once we complete subscription renewal, access under this 60-day program will continue. Think of it as extra capacity to support your near-term business needs in a challenging work environment.

What happens after the 60-day period? Will I go back to accessing Seequent software via dongle?

If you’ve renewed your subscription during the 60-day period, you will continue to access Seequent software via Seequent ID. If your renewal date is later in 2020, we will continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, and work with you to ensure software access – whether by dongle or SeequentID – until your renewal date in 2020 (at which point, all users will transition from dongle to Seequent ID).

Request Short Term Access with Seequent ID

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