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A global briefing on technology and innovation for the civil engineering and environmental industries.

Welcome to Unearthed – a special report designed to bring you innovative thinking and industry relevant perspectives for those who have an interest in what’s going on beneath the surface. Seequent, formerly ARANZ Geo, has been leading the market in 3D geological modelling software since 2004. We have deep expertise in making sure our software evolves continuously to support geologists, hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers and environmental scientists to name a few, to solve real challenges and help their companies save time and money.

Leapfrog Works is a revolutionary solution for understanding, visualising and communicating ground conditions. It is the only 3D subsurface modelling solution
specifically designed for the Civil Engineering and Environmental industries.

We are delighted that we can now bring a solution specifically developed for the Civil Engineering and Environmental markets. Developed with industry experts, our 3D geological models can be integrated with your engineering designs or flow models, giving you the clarity and insight you need on how the geology will affect a project. With digital transformation being a continued hot topic in the industry, Unearthed will share some interesting insights about the role that technology and innovation are playing today.

Daniel Wallace General Manager, Civil and Environmental Industries, Seequent

Daniel Wallace
General Manager, Civil and
Environmental Industries, Seequent

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