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Introducing Seequent Central for Geophysicists – Asia Pacific

Live Webinar
Online Event

Discover how Seequent Central can assist in connecting geophysicists to the wider geoscientific team and break down barriers through real time notifications and interactive collaboration. Central allows for Geosoft grids...

GEOSLOPE: Introducing the New SIGMA/W

Live Webinar

Join us for our upcoming webinar providing greater detail on the new and improved features associated with SIGMA/W 2021. The webinar will discuss the new material models options, the improved...

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Updating a vein with mapping in Leapfrog Geo

In this guide we’ll show how to snap (or influence) a surface with mapped points.…
Best Practice

Industry Best Practice for Working with Oasis montaj

Presented by Laura Quigley, Technical Analyst, Seequent (51:03)
Best Practice

Industry Best Practices for Processing Offshore UXO Geophysical Data

This online training seminar includes industry best practices for using UXO Marine to process and…

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