Visit us at AME Remote Roundup 2021, the first virtual AME Roundup conference. If you are planning to attend, make sure you drop by Seequent’s virtual booth.

The Seequent team will be available to discuss any technical or software questions and see how we can assist you with your upcoming projects. You can also sign up for live demos at the booth or schedule a 1:1 session on any Seequent software, including Seequent Central, Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Edge, Target & Target for ArcGIS Pro, Oasis montaj, MX Deposit, and more.

How Cameco Corporation enables better decision making using Seequent Central.
Lyceum 2020: Mining Exploration & Resource Management.
Global collaboration in the time of coronavirus
How Talisker Resources streamlined data collection to prospect lightning-fast


Oasis montaj: Redesigned Filtering
Monday January 18 11am PST
Geological modeling with drillholes + What's new in Geo?
Monday January 18 3pm PST
Connecting remote teams with MX Deposit
Tuesday January 19 11am PST
Target for ArcGIS Pro: importing and visualizing your geoscience data
Tuesday January 19 3pm PST
Introduction to Leapfrog Edge; a dynamic grade thickness workflow
Wednesday January 20 11am PST
Introduction to Central and 4.0 new features
Wednesday January 20 3pm PST
Oasis montaj & Leapfrog Geo: interopatibilty workflows
Thursday January 21 11am PST
Modeling with no drillholes
Thursday January 21 3pm PST
VOXI: constrained modeling
Friday January 22 11am PST

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Oasis montaj

Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data in interactive 2D and 3D models.

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Leapfrog Geo

Integrate, communicate, and interpret geoscience data with rapid 3D modelling. 

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Leapfrog Edge

Fully integrate resource estimation into your 3D geoscience models.

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Seequent Central

Manage, track, and collaborate on geological data in a single, accessible environment.

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Visualise, QA/QC, and share drillhole and geoscience data.

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MX Deposit

Collect, manage, share, and access your drillhole and sample data in the Cloud.

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