What challenges are environmental professionals facing and how are they applying new technology to overcome them? 


Drones: The new normal in environmental geophysics

Drone enabled magnetometry has led to the development of new drone-enabled ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic…

Managing mined rock stockpiles: 3D views to decrease risk and reduce costs

Discover how Okane used GeoStudios to develop a quasi-3D model to manage mined rock stockpiles…

Mapping the groundwater systems of California with airborne geophysics

Discover how geophysical imaging methods have a critical role to play in mapping groundwater systems,…

Hydrogeologic framework development using AEM data and Leapfrog

Learn Leapfrog’s powerful interpolation of over 7 million AEM data intervals and its ability to…

Connecting to water above and below: Using Leapfrog Works to communicate complex surface and groundwater interactions

Water purveyors are responsible for ensuring that water management practices protect the communities and ecosystems…

Predicting water quality risks at mine closure: a study in cold weather climates

An Arctic gold mine was approved to use a thermal cover system to isolate potentially…

Better decisions from information assets using digitised workflows

Information and data management are crucial to confident decision-making. This requires the implementation of scalable…

Sea level rise from Antarctica’s enigmatic submarine basins and the global, multidisciplinary effort to understand them

Antarctica has been explored for commercial gain and as a natural wonder. Recently, satellites have…

How conceptual site models summarise and communicate subsurface conditions for environmental cleanup

Discover the 30-year journey developing CSMs for contaminated sites, focusing on work flows to summarise…

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