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Lyceum 2021 focused on how TOGETHER we can understand the full geoscience picture as we head TOWARDS a more resilient, connected, and sustainable TOMORROW.

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Geomechanical modelling as part of a digital mine

Geomechanical modelling as part of a digital mine

The geomechanical model can and should become the main tool of geomechanical engineers for identifying potentially dangerous areas and 3D ...
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Showcasing 20 years of technology advancements of the ZTEM natural field EM system

Showcasing 20 years of technology advancements of the ZTEM natural field EM system

This session will be speaking about the ZTEMTM (z-axis tipper electromagnetic) airborne passive EM mapping system, which is widely accepted ...
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RACE21 to digital transformation

RACE21 to digital transformation

Vice President, Transformation Greg Brouwer will speak about RACE21™, Teck’s business transformation program ...
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Join Graham Grant CEO, Seequent, regional and thought leader keynotes on how geo-professionals are connecting to adapt and accelerate their understanding of the Earth.

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Our Keynote Speakers


Graham Grant: Chief Executive Officer

As Seequent’s CEO, Graham is focused on business growth and performance, driving new business opportunities and a range of core business functions.

He brings leadership, commercial and operational experience from multiple geographies, sectors and functions. These include financial services, renewable energy, international charter shipping and forest management, holding roles in Australia, UK and New Zealand.


Professor Chris Jackson: Chair of Sustainable Geoscience 

Chris is known for his work in geoscience, especially in the use of 3D seismic data to understand dynamic processes in sedimentary basins.

Chris is a passionate teacher and communicator with an abundance of ideas about blended learning and crucially about how we can extend the reach of our science to the widest possible audience, helping us to achieve our widening participation initiatives.

What is Lyceum?

Lyceum celebrates the geoscience community who brings data, disciplines, and ideas together to build the best understanding through connection. Since 2016, Lyceum has brought together multi-disciplinary geo-professionals across the civil infrastructure, mining and exploration,environmental and energy sectors to collaborate, share and learn new ideas about industry challenges and solutions.