At June’s RFG2018 conference, we interviewed more than 30 student researchers as part of the Data Speaks! storytelling contest. We challenged them to explain their research and data in a way anyone could understand, in five minutes or less. They all delivered with passion, positivity, and great understanding of the real-world context their research applies in.

Our Seequent judges had a tough time choosing winners from the pool of high-calibre interviews (you can watch them all below). Ultimately, the top five students received cash prizes on the final day of the RFG2018 conference.

First Place: Evelyn Freres

Seequent Chief Research Officer Adam Pidlisecky announces Evelyn Freres as first prize winner of Data Speaks! Here she is holding the cheque for $1,500 with Nicole Doucette (right), Seequent’s Science Communications Specialist.

It’s vitally important that when industry or government discuss how to use natural resources and how to develop water and energy management strategies, that they use reliable scientific data to make sustainable, smart decisions. That’s what these student researchers at RFG 2018 were there to contribute, and why we wanted to support and reward the communication of their work through this contest.

Seequent Chief Research Officer Adam Pidlisecky announces Evelyn Freres as first prize winner of Data Speaks! Here she is holding the cheque for $1,500 with Nicole Doucette (right), Seequent’s Science Communications Specialist.

(1st) Evelyn Freres 5:50

Do you trust your data?

(2nd) Adebayo Ojo  5:29

Developing Accurate Images of the Subsurface Using Three Types of Data for Natural Hazard Reduction

(3rd) Mark Klapheke 5:23

How Earth’s Changing Environmental Conditions Affect Volcano-Related Ore Deposits at Continental Margins: A Canadian Case Study

(4th) Antonina Calahorrano Di Patre 4:59

Gravity Changes before Volcanoes Erupt? Monitoring a South American Volcano by Detecting Changes in Gravity

(5th) Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Mustafa 3:38

Using chemistry to understand how the millions of tonnes of iron in Chilean mines concentrated

Data Speaks! Stories

Data Speaks

Do you trust your data? One geochemist’s quest for better data

Dissolve a rock in acid and turn it into an aerosol (or shoot it with…
Evelyn Frères
Data Speaks

Digging for Answers: Making Data More Reliable for Geochemists

Evelyn Frères is a PhD student whose research is helping ensure reliable data for geoscientists
Group interview
Data Speaks

Data Speaks and Here’s What it Says

Here’s the wrap up from the Data Speaks contest, which we created exclusively for the…

Data Speaks! Entries

Micheal Anenburg 4:31

Fighting climate change with magma that flows better than water: a journey of rare metals through Earth’s crust

Ryan Shaw  5:09

Dirt Soup; It’s all in the recipe!

Marius Kern 4:59

Sorting rocks using big data promotes sustainability and saves energy

Sterling Vanderzee 4:50

Mining for the environment, a how-to guide to mitigate climate change by mining nickel

Wycliff Tupiti 5:43

Polymetallic nodules as a source for important metals

Rhy McMillian  5:03

Increasing Our Confidence in the Interpretation or the Identification of the Geologic Source of Obsidian Belongings Found At Archaeological Sites

Erin Boss 5:25

The Mary River Group, northern Baffin Island, Nunavut: unravelling the geological history of 2.8 billion year old sedimentary, volcanic, and iron formation rocks

Clare Miller  3:30

Is climate change the next big poison?

Robert Pell  4:05

Reducing the environmental impact of the materials used in electric cars and wind turbines

Michael Mitchell 5:16

Mapping water bearing regions around tunnels or mine workings using ring based electrical measurements

Irene del Real Contreras  5:38

Understanding how a massive geological party ended up with seven copper deposits

Xueya Lu  5:22

Assessing the Potential of Mine Waste to Reduce Atmospheric CO2 Level– Solution to Climate Change and Global Warming

Samuel Cantor 4:45

A Signature in Invisible Ink: How Carbon and Oxygen Can Help Find Mines Hiding in Plain Sight

Zeinab Azadbakht  5:17

How You Can Save Big Money Using Mineral Chemistry in the Mineral Exploration Industry

Robert Pell  4:05

How Do Some Animals Manage to Survive Extinction When They Probably Should Have Died

Rebecca Babiak 6:07

Hungry for iron? Bring your “apatite”!

Alexander Brown  6:04

Developing Tools for Finding Buried Mineral Deposits: Exploring Through the Atacama Desert Gravels by Mapping Faults on the Surface

Andrew Wickham  4:42

Finding diamonds in the rough.

Hoang Anh Tu (Lavie) Nguyen 5:22

Semi-automatic Identification of Unconformities for GIS Geological Maps

Kristl Tipton  3:32

Using simple science to understand groundwater chemistry

Bianca P. lulianella Phillips  5:00

Microorganisms in mineral exploration: how bugs in the dirt show us where to find mineral resources

Laura Tusa 3:43

A fast forward for exploration by using rock imaging techniques

Eva Marquis  4:10

Fertile Ground for Mobile Phones

Kathrine Thompson  5:14

Photosynthetic bacteria, iron, and the early Earth’s atmosphere

Jenifer Spence 3:56

The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Soil Microbial Communities

Hannah Balkwill Tweedie 3:56

Environmental Impact of Slag from Niobium mine, Oka, Quebec.