Reduce errors and improve collaboration
with cloud-connected workflows

See why HoleBASE users are upgrading to OpenGround
for smart cloud-based data management

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Taking your data beyond the desktop

In every aspect of the software we use today, the cloud has become the new normal. Seamless connectivity, easier data sharing, and a more flexible approach to data management define everything we do. Now, thousands of OpenGround users are unlocking the same big cloud benefits after migrating from HoleBASE.

OpenGround is a secure, cloud-based geotechnical information management platform for collecting, reporting, managing, visualising, analysing and accessing data. More than a new solution that matches what HoleBASE can do, OpenGround transforms workflows for the world beyond the desktop–making them more efficient, accurate, and less prone to error.

Compared to HoleBASE, OpenGround unlocks a wide range of benefits that only come with a truly cloud-centric solution. From widespread availability to streamlined, automated workflows, OpenGround makes capturing and working with data easier than ever before.

Why OpenGround?

See how OpenGround will transform your workflow

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Benefits of cloud-based geotechnical data management

Hear from the OpenGround team on the measurable benefits of migration and why real-life users have already migrated from HoleBASE.

A new era for geotechnical collaboration

Explore the benefits of cloud-based geotechnical information management and how this technology could change the way we think about geotechnical collaboration. 

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Unlock the advantages of the cloud

Learn why HoleBASE users are adopting OpenGround to improve their geotechnical collaboration.

Centralised data

Capture information from mobile and desktop devices, all in one place.

Advanced visualisation

Interpret your data or use it as the foundation for a complete subsurface digital twin.

Easier data access

Make borehole data accessible to everyone, from laboratory testing to engineers in the field.

Future-proofed technology

OpenGround is built on the latest Microsoft technologies and provides extensibility via a comprehensive web API.

Your path from desktop to cloud

See how you can migrate from HoleBASE to OpenGround quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in just six steps. Or join our HoleBASE to OpenGround webinar for a complete guide to your transition. 

OpenGround is the cloud-connected future of geotechnical data management–a comprehensive platform that delivers measurable improvements to your workflow. See how other HoleBASE users have used OpenGround to work more flexibly and efficiently on any scale.

Why HoleBASE users switch to OpenGround

CMW Geosciences

“OpenGround is helping us realise our goals. Work practices are improved, and we are able to see data quickly and analyse it.”


“We’re now more able to identify gaps in data, highlight risk items, and assist in planning of target ground investigations.”