Meet OpenGround,
the cloud evolution of gINT

See how OpenGround delivers future-proofed, 
cloud-connected data management

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Save time with more resilient, adaptable geotechnical data management

If you’re using gINT, you already know how centralised data management helps geotechnical teams succeed. But only true cloud connectivity can empower teams to collaborate with confidence, achieve new levels of precision, and access key data easily.

That’s why gINT users like you are making the switch to OpenGround: a secure, cloud-based geotechnical information management platform for collecting, reporting, managing, visualising, analysing and accessing data.

“We see this is going to be adopted industry wide within the next few years. We can be even more efficient and cost competitive for our clients when it comes to winning work.”

John Briand, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, CDM Smith

OpenGround isn’t just an alternative way to work with subsurface data. OpenGround delivers new levels of security, resilience, and connectivity for a significantly more seamless experience than gINT.

Why OpenGround?

See how OpenGround will transform your workflow

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Benefits of cloud-based geotechnical data management

Hear from the OpenGround team on the measurable benefits of migration and why real-life users have already migrated from gINT.

A new era for geotechnical collaboration

Explore the benefits of cloud-based geotechnical information management and how this technology could change the way we think about geotechnical collaboration. 

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Unlock the advantages of the cloud

Learn why gINT users are adopting OpenGround to improve their geotechnical collaboration.

A secure cloud platform

OpenGround uses current security best practices and a native cloud infrastructure for data resilience and protection.

Accessible everywhere

Enable global sharing or control access to data based on specific roles and requirements.

Always-on disaster recovery

Safeguard your data with automated backups at ten minute data recovery windows for high availability.

Future-proofed technology

OpenGround is built on the latest Microsoft technologies and provides extensibility via a comprehensive web API.

Your path from desktop to cloud

See how you can migrate from gINT to OpenGround quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Or join our gINT to OpenGround webinar for a complete guide to your transition.

When engineering and construction company CDM Smith upgraded from gINT to OpenGround, they saw a significant reduction in errors, increases in logging quality, and gained competitive advantage. 

How OpenGround helps meet client demands and win work