Sliding 2D polygons to account for blast movement is inaccurate and inefficient. The best method would be to map the grade control model to a post blast model using an accurate vector cloud, not limited point data. This post blast model can then be used to calculate optimised polygons that account for mining direction, ensuring you get the greatest value from your deposit. This is the fundamental concept of OrePro 3D. OrePro 3D and its vector cloud – SmartVectors, have been designed in collaboration with industry to help production geologists make an immediate and sustained increase to mine profitability. Production geologists will learn through case studies how this system has been applied and the significant results that have been achieved.

During this webinar you will also learn how:

  • To calculate optimised mining polygons
  • To eliminate the need for staff to walk over unsafe blast muckpiles
  • Precise OrePro 3D’s SmartVectors are, and how you can stop paying for blast movement sensors
  • To reduce the time between blasting and mining

Learn more about OrePro 3D.

Presented by OrePro 3D’s Founder, Will Hunt. (41:08)